Celebrating 30 years of Robyn Roberts


The Robyn Roberts studio, founded in 1995, was born out of Robyn’s passion for bringing women’s dream dresses to life.


Robyn’s eye for design was cultivated in her teenage years, as a product of her mum teaching her to sew and time spent with her two wonderfully-creative grandmothers: one an eccentric artist and the other a stylish dressmaker.

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After graduating from design school, Robyn spent seven years travelling and working in the industry before starting her own studio in Cape Town. The studio has since grown to a skilled and experienced team of twelve ladies, under the direction Robyn’s husband, Paul, who serves as the company’s CEO. Each member of the Robyn Roberts team has an exceptional flair for creating elegant, detailed garments with a feminine feel. Together, we work with brides from around the globe and stock a selection of bridal boutiques with our dresses.


Our flagship studio is based in a private, residential setting to help brides feel comfortable and welcome. We offer a custom wedding dress experience which allows brides to combine all elements of their favorite inspiration to create their dream dress, under the guidance and care of a qualified designer/consultant. We also stock a full and diverse ready-to-wear range at our studio, including sizes 8-18 in a variety of styles and silhouettes.


Our hope is that the tranquil environment, combined with our team’s gentle approach, will help brides feel relaxed and confident amidst the often-overwhelming process of finding the right wedding dress. Our philosophy is to always encourage brides to be honest with their dress requirements, because we believe that happy brides are beautiful brides.



Our highly-experienced fittings consultant who is also responsible for our communications, production and admin.



With an excellent flair for design and fit. She is skilled at intricate handwork and has been a valued member of our team for many years.



With many years behind her at our studio; she heads up our boutique collections and enjoys helping women feel confident and beautiful, whether they be size 8 or 18.



A kind and patient approach to dressing the dreams of our brides, with superb taste for design and an eye for detail that ensures all her garments are completed to perfection.