Celebrating 30 years of Robyn Roberts

Celebrating 30 years of Robyn Roberts

In March 1995, I admitted defeat in the mass-produced clothing industry. I had failed to find fulfilment in fast fashion and could no longer ignore the pull I felt towards creating one-of-a-kind, valuable garments. I took my very last paycheck and had ‘Robyn Roberts’ stitched into a few labels in gold thread. And so my journey in thoughtful design – or ‘slow fashion’ if you will – began.
Robyn Roberts first wedding dress creations for a close friend

At the time, I had many engaged friends turning to me for a wedding dress. On the one hand I had Jacqui; a bohemian and untraditional bride for whom I sourced an earthy, textured fabric at a market in Mumbai, and on the other I had Cathy; a soft-natured, feminine friend whom I dressed in a classic, raw silk look for her big day.

Finding just the right design and fabric to suit their personalities seemed to satisfy the creativity I had been craving. From then on, I knew I wanted to build connections with women as far as I could reach, listening to their quirks, stories and visions to devise the perfect dress; one that would capture the magic of who they were for their wedding day. I took on my first seamstress that year and began a small but fulfilling business from home.

As my brand has grown over these 25 years, the ever-changing landscape of fashion and sourcing new fabrics has kept a fire in my heart. But ‘slow fashion’, as I mentioned earlier, has always remained a core principle of who we are as a company.

To me, slow fashion is the art of taking care; taking the time to understand my clients and their needs and then tailoring the perfect design to capture their beauty – just as I did for Jacqui and Cathy all those years ago. The vision of every bride that walks into my studio is different, and the satisfaction from a completed dress – fitted and styled to perfection – is what keeps me drawn to my design role. For this reason, it has always been difficult for me to put my style as a designer into words.

The beauty of being in the wedding industry is that each garment is so different – from young women newly out of high school to ladies getting married in their 70s – I see their dreams and I dress them. This is the ethos that I have always sought to instill in my designers and team that have become part of my journey along the way. 

Robyn Roberts first wedding dress creation for a close friend, Jacqui

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